Saturday, 5 March 2011

Snapshots by Laura - Now available for purchase!

Laura Lockhurst is living in the wake of a ter- 
rible loss. Her husband of eighteen years has 
been in a horrific accident, and she is strug- 
gling to hold the pieces of her life together. 
Laura recounts her relationship with her 
husband from its humble beginnings to the 
months following the crash. Laura soon finds 
that in order to move on, she must also con- 
front her past - including a secret she always 
kept from her husband. Finally, Laura makes 
a shocking discovery - and it turns out to be 
the one thing that can help her to find clo- 
sure, and to start to build a future.

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Long Way From Home - NOW AVAILABLE!

Long Way From Home

Snapshots by Laura

Name to appear with autograph.